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Biggest summer event in Tartu starts today

The Tartu Hanseatic Days, taking place in 18-20 July, have become the main event of the summer in Tartu, appreciated by both citizens and city governors.

“The Hanseatic Days with its diverse cultural programme, the Hansamarket and exciting workshops has become the main summer event in Tartu in recent years,” says Urmas Kruuse, the mayor of Tartu. “The medieval party offers entertainment to our people but it is also a good opportunity to introduce our city and culture to numerous visitors who come here in the summer.”

Also Hedvy Arula, a student in Tartu, says: „During the Tartu Hanseatic Days there are lots of interesting performers and people in different costumes walking around in the city. You can see that something is going on in Tartu.”

Mart Tšernjuk, a citizen of Tartu, adds: „The Hanseatic Days is the summer event in Tartu. I will definitely visit the Tartu Hanseatic Days this year as well.” According to Tšernjuk the most interesting event last year was the Knights’ Tournament at Toome hill.

According to Urmas Kruuse, the mayor of Tartu, Tartu offers with its summer festivals, concerts, performances and sports events a possibility to spend eventful holidays in all the three summer months. In the cultural calendar of the city there are altogether 700 cultural events for the summer.

“So those of you who still haven’t taken their summer trip around Estonia yet should plan a trip to Tartu for sure. A perfect weekend for such a trip would be the mid-summer weekend when the Hanseatic times will awakened in Tartu,” says Kruuse.

In 2007 more than 70,000 people visited the festival. In the questionnaire carried out among the visitors to the Tartu Hanseatic Days, 92% of the respondents said that their expectations towards the Tartu Hanseatic Days were fulfilled.

The Tartu Hanseatic Days “Let’s go forward in history!” takes place in this weekend in the centre of Tartu. The Tartu Hanseatic Days are supported by the city of Tartu. 

Last updated: 18 July 2008

The Tartu Hanseatic Days to go forward in history this year

The Tartu Hanseatic Days 2008 take place in Estonia in 18-20 July at the centre of Tartu city for the 13th time this year and are divided between ages that are, have been and will be. In the River Town the Prehistoric times will be awakened, in Jaani Town the Hanseatic times in Rae Town the Contemporary times and Children's and Future Town will this time look into the Future times. All of these ages are united by hundreds of traders who create an authentic atmosphere at the Hansamarket.

According to Ants Johanson, the Tartu Hanseatic Days 2008 project manager, the Tartu Hanseatic Days give for the people of Tartu a good reason to leave the house, for the hobbyists a chance to perform, and we have a possibility to feel like citizens of one's city. „If it is interesting for us to be in Tartu, it is also nice for the visitors to come here,“ he said.

On Friday, 18 July, the Tartu Hanseatic Days 2008 will begin with a festive opening ceremony in the Rae Town, followed by a procession to Jaani Town. On Saturday the River Town, Children's and Future Town and the Hansamarket will also start with their activities.

On Saturday, 19 July, barrel organ players perform in Jaani Town. At midnight an exciting Knight Rournament takes place in Toome Hill.

On all the three days the visitors are welcomed by dance parties in Rae Town where, for example, brass band Tartu, ensembles Suveniir and Estraadiraadio as well as band Võta See play dance music. In the framework of the Hanseatic Days, there are events  organised by ERP  and Hansa night concerts that take place in Jaani Church.

Visitors will find interesting and educating workshops, such as Take a Rest (or „let the bread to the bones“) and Sharpen Your Eyes (River Town), Chimney sweep’s lucky buttons shop, Dance Guild's workshop and Räpina Papermill's workshop (Jaani Town).

Children's and Future Town offers exciting events for both children and adults since in addition to different attractions, there is a big 3D screen on which visions for the future of Tartu as well as Estonia are presented.

More than 200 traders have registered for the Hansamarket this year. There will be handicraft products, practical utensils and beautiful objects with historical aura for sale.

The Hanseatic Days in Estonia is organised since 1995 and it has become the biggest entertaining cultural festival of Tartu in summer. Last year more than 70,000 people visited the Tartu Hanseatic Days. The Tartu Hanseatic Days are supported by the city of Tartu.

Updated: 11. July 2008

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