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Front Page Contemporary time in Rae Town

Contemporary time in the Rae Town

The Town Hall square is the heart of the city. It has been so for hundreds of years before us and will be so after us. A place where citizens meet, sit, chat, drink a cup of tea and go on to do their other things. It is a square where lovers and kissing students meet. Often you will also see there city councillors and city governors who rush across the square from one meeting to another. On Town Hall square it is always Contemporary Times. And so is the case during Hanseatic Days in Rae Town. There will be songs, words, music and dance.

Fun things to do in Rae Town


10.30-12.30 – 19 th Reunion of Unique Vehicles

Rae Town is open:

Friday, 18 July, 20.00-23.00
Saturday, 19 July, 12.00-23.00
Sunday, 20 July, 12.00-23.00


Programme of A.Le Coq Stage of Rae Town


20.00 Opening ceremony at Town Hall square, going to Jaani Town
21.00 Brass band


12.00 Midday, Radio Kuku
13.00 Mixed folk dance group Vikerkaar
14.00 Barrel organs from all over the world
15.00 Horn Ensemble and Dome Hill Drones
16.00 Ülo Kurik – synthesizer and quadroliin
17.00 Mexican dance ensemble ALIANZA

18.00 Brass band POPSID
21.00 band Suveniir


12.00 Midday
13.00 Horn Ensemble and Dome Hill Drones
14.00 Narva's Polish association and Narva's Chuvash association NARSPI
15.00 United Accordion Ensemble UNISOON
15.30 Narva's Uzbek association, Narva's Tartar association, Narvas Ukrainian fellowship
17.00 Final ceremony
18.00 KLEZMOFOBIA (Denmark)

21.00 Estraadiraadio and band Võta See!

Last updated: 18 July 2008

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