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Hundreds of traders will find their way to Tartu – they will sell unique handicrafts made of traditional or natural materials, interesting goods and foods and introduce medieval handicraft skills.

The visitors of Hansamarket can choose from among necessary, interesting or just funny hand-made things.

The Hansamarket will take place in the Town Hall square, Küüni Street, Kaubahoovi square, River Town and Jaani Town.

The Hansamarket unites different ages into one big party of ages, towns, cultures and trade and makes Tartu Hanseatic Days a merry and joyful party.

On the market you will find linen, woollen and cotton clothes, knitted tablecloths, hand-painted silk scarves, framed silk paintings, textile toys, patchworked blankets and pillows as well as rag carpets.

Especially for the market, artisans have made linen skirts, dresses, hats, curtains, kitchen towels, tablecloths and linen material. You can choose between painted porcelain, painted glass, stained glass, prints and paintings.

Traders are also selling objects made from different types of wood - kitchen utensils, sauna accessories, picture and mirror frames, toys, children’s furniture, rocking horses, wickerwork, wooden souvenirs and jewellery, also sheepskins, slippers made from sheepskin, picture frames made from hay, leather and clay products, hammered work, eco-products and much more.

Side by side with our experienced artisans Latvian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian artisans will be trading with jewellery, paintings, leather things, ceramics and other interesting handicrafts.

While at the market, search among the traders for the one who sells hand-made goat milk soaps – a good cure for several problems.

In Kaubahoovi square you will find a massage tent where in addition to oriental massages leech treatments are demonstrated and you can also taste medicinal herb teas.


Hansa food

You can enjoy different cuisines in numerous places on Town Hall square, Poe Street, Vabaduse Street and River Town. You can find Estonian, Italian, Irish, Hungarian, Armenian, German and Balkan national cuisines, pancakes and pork cooked over open fire as well as „Lapi salmon“ and grilled fish.

If you fancy something sweet, you can find different kinds of ice-cream, candy floss, confectioneries and pastries. Also, if you feel like having a snack, you can have almonds, dried fish, freshly fermented cucumbers or berries.

At Farmer's Market you can by home-made fresh honey, home-grown vegetables and berries, peas, organic products, medicinal herbs and cooking herbs, sea buckthorn products, elk sausage, smoked quail, different kinds of cheeses, soy products and home-made cosmetics.

The Hansamarket is open:

Saturday, 19 July, 10.00-20.00
Sunday, 20 July, 10.00-17.00

Last updated: 10 June 2008

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