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Front Page Hanseatic times in the Jaani Town

Hanseatic times in the Jaani Town

In the Hanseatic Jaani Town there will be an enticing medieval atmosphere. In the midst of this all stands the Jaani Church known for its terracotta statues. Around the church you will find lots of interesting concerts, performances, workshops and exhibitions during the three days. Here the visitor can also get medieval-style food, drinks and goods, and see performances by musicians and dancers as well as exhibitions. Special attention is paid to workshops. This is logical since it was here where the Little Guild of Tartu for artisans was situated. Today this guild is continued in Antoniuse Guild, the workshops and cosy yard of which are open to the visitors.

The medieval atmosphere will be centered around the Jaani Church where there will be lots of stylish traders, nice workshops and for the first time a stage. It is definitely worth coming to the Jaani Town even on Friday, 18 July when other „towns“ have yet to begin breathing in the „Hansarhythm“. Here will be a party going on up until midnight in the course of which you can enjoy different performances, buy Hansa goods, have a snack, participate in workshops and marvel at fireworks.

Jaani Town is open:

Friday, 18 July, 18.00-23.00
Saturday, 19 July, 10.00-20.00
Sunday, 20 July, 10.00-17.00

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