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Ancient Times in the River Town

You need a lot of time to experience the River Town: you must have time to lie on the grass, sharpen your ears for the performers and listen whether the blacksmith is hitting the hammer in harmony with the sound of zithers. You must taste meat cooked over an open fire, then later you must have a good rest and this lengthy procedure must be done according to the habits of our forefathers – by counting the clouds. All the clouds must be properly counted – in the River Town people do not like it when you cut corners. Then you must take a trip on the barge or lodi and let yourself be carried along the time-river of Tartu and smell the tar and the river, the cooked meat and summer all remind you of something good and old, a place to which you would always like to return.

Here you can meet people who know the language of birds. You can meet men whose hands smell of morning fog arising from the marshes and resin from the fir forests. Here you can meet women in whose light blue eyes the sky and the earth kiss each other in the horizon. Here you can lose yourself and find yourself, just be and think that life is beautiful.

The River Town is open:
Saturday, 19 July, 10.00-20.00
Sunday, 20 July, 10.00-17.00

Last updated: 10. June 2008

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