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Tartu Hanseatic Days 2008

Let's go forward in history!

The Hanseatic Days is a summer party for the people of Tartu and also for the visitors to our city. In the history of Tartu there is a lot worth remembering – from individual events, to different buildings up to inventions and historical events that changed the world. All this does not end with this year or this decade – therefore, this year’s Tartu Hanseatic Days also involve the future for the children, the future inhabitants of Tartu.

Jaani Town, River Town, Rae Town and Hansamarket will be reborn – different ages will come to life again.

Many musicians and dancers from Tartu and elsewhere will perform and the visitors to the Tartu Hanseatic Days will have a chance to sing and dance along at the Rae Town concerts. Also, exciting and educating exhibitions as well as interesting workshops will be welcoming visitors.

In addition, hundreds of traders will gather in Tartu, creating an authentic atmosphere at the yearly market. Hansamarket offers you a wonderful chance to buy interesting and unique things and, as in the old times, trading unites different ages and cultures.

Hanseatic Days is a time when it’s good to be in Tartu!

Tartu Hanseatic Days 2008

Welcome from Mayor of Tartu

Dear visitors to the Tartu Hanseatic Days,

Welcome to historic Tartu!

Our almost one thousand year old city is again looking back in history. Tartu is nowadays known mostly as a city of education and culture, but has throughout the centuries been a centre of active trade, the roots of which go back to the medieval Hanseatic times.

I am glad to see that Tartu honours its Hanseatic history and continues to organise Hanseatic Days yearly. This gives us an opportunity to take an exciting trip back into history. But also why not to the future? So this year's Hanseatic Days suggest - „Let's go forward in history!“

Development of the Hanseatic Days goes hand in hand with daily life. A sign of the times is the fact that this year the Hanseatic Days feature robots and a laser show, so in addition to glancing at prehistoric and medieval town we can take a look at the future town.

I believe that the new winds blowing through the Hanseatic Days this year will bring excitement especially for children and the young.

As usual, the visitors to the Hanseatic Days can in addition to a diverse cultural programme take a look at what Hansatraders have to offer. Hansamarket is an integral part of a medieval party in which traders from closeby and far away will gather.

What adds colour to this summer's Hanseatic Days is a cooperation between two other great festivals – Glass Bead Game Festival and Barrel Organ Festival.

These three days, when the Hanseatic times are brought back to life again in the city, have become the peak event of the summer in Tartu, offering diverse entertainment, fun shopping and joyful hands-on experience for both people from Tartu and visitors from elsewhere.

Enjoy the Hanseatic Days in the historic and future-oriented Tartu!


See you at the Hanseatic Days!

Urmas Kruuse,
Mayor of Tartu

Last updated: 10 June 2008